Overview of Joshua's Spiritual Warfare

Discover the power of the chiastic structure as revealed in the chiasms of Joshua

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Front cover of Joshua's Spiritual Warfare

This study of Joshua will reveal that book's chiastic structure to help you understand the spiritual principles that made Joshua successful. You will see the beauty of the Bible unfold with a fresh understanding of the Scriptures.

"Very informative text, easy to read.
Tom has taken us to another dimension in understanding chiastic Hebrew. His chiastic presentation of the Book of Joshua demonstrates the intricate design of the Holy Spirit. This book is most intriguing to read, as it unravels a spiritually deeper understanding into God's Word.

It is written in a style that keeps you intrigued and interested. If you desire a greater in–depth understanding in God's Word, become skilled in using this chiastic tool. It is the methodology of the Hebrew writers."
Fred Hofeldt, Author and Pastor of the Judeo–Christian Israel Alliance

Targeted Audience

→ Do you study the Bible, relishing new understandings or hidden meanings in the text?
→ Are you a believer in Jesus Christ that is intrigued by chiasms?
→ Would you appreciate some techniques to help claim victory in spiritual warfare?

Just as the meat is normally the center of the sandwich, so the study of chiasms will help you find the emphasis in the middle of the passage. Using this approach and other discernments, events from Joshua's life are revealed in a fresh way. In addition to the analyses of chiasms or chiasmus, there are geography lessons, typological comparisons, and numerous Bible discernments. In this way, you will gain a whole new and more powerful understanding of Joshua and the use of the chiastic structure.

As Rev. Barbara Di Gilio from Mayim Hayim Ministries stated, Joshua's Spiritual Warfare is,
"A revealing book that was a joy to read. … It's only 232 pages, but it's packed full of good stuff, rare meat, just like I like it."

Never heard of a chiasm before? A chiasm (ky′-az-um) is a repetition of similar ideas in the reverse sequence. The importance of the chiastic structure is found in the center with its hidden emphasis.

Hebrew writers often used this technique but our Western style of reading is not trained to see it. In this book, you will see 67 chiasms that will enlighten your understanding of the Book of Joshua. These Scriptures come alive with new meaning.

Some of the many questions this book answers are:

  • Why Aaron built the golden calf
  • How the Lord obtained victory with the hornet
  • How the Lord instructed Joshua to be successful
  • How Joshua heard the voice of God
  • Why the Jordan River stopped flowing
  • Who the Commander of the Army of the Lord was at the battle of Jericho
  • Why the walls of Jericho fell
  • What was the motive of the Gibeonites
  • Why Caleb was given Hebron rather than the mountainous land

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Release date: March 2008
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