Chiasm Resources

A Simple Test for a 10-year-old

As you start discovering chiasms in the Bible for yourself, I believe they will both enhance your spiritual growth and add to your Biblical wisdom. The secrets of this literary structure should substantially enhance your study of the Bible. Here are some additional resources to help your adventure:

Relevant Books about Chiasms

In my enthusiasm to uncover chiasms in the Bible, I have read many of the books about this fascinating topic. This list, Relevant Books, is available with short comments about each. Links are available to purchase them from Amazon.

Discovering the Chiasms of Joshua

My book, Joshua's Spiritual Warfare: Understanding the Chiasms of Joshua, supplements this discovery process by revealing 67 chiasms in the book of Joshua. Joshua's Spiritual Warfare is a 'most intriguing reading' that teaches how a chiastic understanding uncovers a fresh depth and revelation of the Scripture. See Amazon's page: Joshua's Spiritual Warfare

Series: Chiasm Hints

In addition to the ten hints that are identified in these webpages, there is more. The Chiasm Hints series are a bit different – they focus on techniques that, if followed, will help overcome some of the more common mistakes that people might make when analyzing the Scriptures. Currently there are five Chiasm Hints:

  1. Chiasm Hint #1 - Order of Presentation   Focus on the context, not on the number or order of the dialogs.
  2. Chiasm Hint #2 - Choose Meaningful Keywords   If you use keywords, select them wisely.
  3. Chiasm Hint #3 - Use the Entire Passage   Use the entire passage without eliminating some portion.
  4. Chiasm Hint #4 - Look for Matching Themes   While keywords can be helpful, focus on themes instead.
  5. Chiasm Hint #5 - Look for Meaningful Center Points   The beauty of a chiasm appears when the middle is emphatic.

Series: Discovering Chiasms Challenge

You may want to try uncovering chiasms using a free resource on my Bible-Discernments blog. A series named 'Discovering Chiasms Challenge' has been added for your enjoyment. You can answer each challenge in your Bible or on paper, and then click a button to compare your answers with mine. The challenges are intended to stimulate your thinking with practical instruction using chiasms from the Bible. You may also subscribe to that blog which will bring new blog entries to your e-mail. Enjoy!

  1. John 16   The disciple's response to Jesus    ∗∗∗
  2. Deuteronomy 30   Circumcision of your heart    ∗∗  
  3. Exodus 2   Moses kills an Egyptian and breaks up a fight    ∗∗½
  4. Genesis 2   The LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground    ∗∗
  5. Genesis 12   Abram's payment    ∗½

RATINGS: ∗ = very easy      ∗∗∗∗∗ = very difficult

Enjoy your journey:

To sum it all up:

  • look for similar and antithetical themes
  • look for changes in flow
  • look for different lengths of related themes
  • look for points of emphasis

There are many, many chiasms in the Bible and the joy is uncovering them and then reaching that profound understanding that each reveals. I am confident you will savor your enhanced Bible reading process.