What does Proverbs of the Bible say about Marriage?

Proverbs has more verses about marriage issues than any other book in the Bible. The problem that Proverbs presents is how to find them: those things that can go wrong in a marriage as well as multiple verses to help make a marriage stronger. Because Proverbs is not arranged by topic, it can be very time consuming to locate just those verses that apply to your situation. By re-arranging Proverbs by category, A Topical Treasury of Proverbs will enable you to focus your attention on just those verses that apply.

For example, lets say a particular marriage concern is 'laziness.' By using a computer word search on 'laz*' or by looking up laziness in a concordance, you will find three or possibly four verses that address laziness in Proverbs. By comparison, A Topical Treasury of Proverbs shows nineteen verses associated with laziness using additional words such as 'slothful' and 'sluggard.' When all of these verses are seen together, you will more easily see God's full counsel on laziness.

As shown in the Table of Contents, there are 100 topics that categorize the 915 verses in Proverbs. Most of these address potential issues within a marriage: negative topics such as anger, criticism, disobedience and pride, and positive topics such as integrity, compassion, humility and trust. By meditating on those topical verses that apply, God's repair for marriages can be more easily discerned.

When marriage issues appear, it is not uncommon for various well-intended people to give advice about your marriage. How do you determine if that advice is sound? The topic Good Counsel may help with that understanding.

Hearing the Voice of God

As a married man, sometimes I think I have all the answers … but of course I don't. And sometimes my wife has all the answers, to which I have learned to seek the wisdom of Proverbs. Of the 100 topics in A Topical Treasury of Proverbs, the three most important to me have been the topics of Speech that Builds Up, Speech that Destroys, and Speech Withheld. In total, there are eighty verses in just these three topics – I continue to seek God's voice regarding these principles.

I don't know what issues brought you to this website, but I think you will find A Topical Treasury of Proverbs to be very practical. This book is just verses from Proverbs but they are organized so you can more easily remain focused on your concerns. "The wise person accepts instructions" (Proverbs 10:8).


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