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A Garden of Love … a soft and compelling book, a teaching about some perennial flowers, and an inspirational touch revealing love through flowers. Many Christian women have testified about the beauty in this book. The thirty meditations paint pictures of love through colorful photographs, a gardener's joy about the beauty of each flower, and some Scriptures related to love. Might this book be just the right gift for a very special lady?

As the caretaker of my church's prayer garden, I was struck by certain blossoms – how they profoundly demonstrated love. Many from the church told me that I must write all this down. The result is a unique gift book with color photographs, my experience growing these flowers, and each plant's connection to the garden of love that Jesus gave us.


One mother, after receiving this book from her spiritual daughter, stated "This book really warms my heart. I read it as a daily devotional; it is beautifully written. I just had to come see the garden so I could experience it myself." She subsequently purchased an additional six copies so she could pass on the blessing.

For yourself or a tender-hearted woman, you may buy A Garden of Love at the Barnes&Noble webpage or Amazon USA or Amazon UK.